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All you need to know about the Visual Landscape
Everything you need to know about the importance of photography and the visual landscape in general within the tech environment is now on one page. Studies including smartphone penetration, the use and reach of photo posts on leading social media platform and all around information on the visual tech space can now be found all in one place. There are 500 millions photos shared daily on the Internet. To navigate such a landscape, Kaptur Magazine brings you all the quick facts in one place, answering such questions as what is the retention rate for visual information (65% versus 10% for text based), where do smartphone users keep their photos (37.5% store it on their computers, as opposed to 17% printing them), or what are the preferred social media of teenagers (Instagram comes up ahead of Facebook). This is a one-stop shop for preliminary research, informing and sometimes raising more questions about the visual tech space, or the visual landscape of the future (and present).

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The Alleged $7.5 Billion Fraud in Online Advertising
As long ago as 2013, Bob Hoffman - retired CEO and Chair of Hoffman/Lewis Advertising - exposed what he thought of as: "the biggest advertising story of a decade...". Hoffman, never afraid to speak out, was clear that the story was of a $7.5 billion scandel that exposed the fact that half - or more - of paid online display advertisements sold by ad networks, media buyers, and ad agencies have never been seen - by anyone! He believed that under the guise of volume discounts, agencies have been receiving kickbacks from ad networks for playing the middleman between the networks and clients - who were sold the ad impressions fraudulently. Is it true that ad networks sell 'bot traffic' to publishers who buy because the ad impressions make them both money, while neither cares about the paying clients?

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Publishing money via legal highs, personalised medicine and pet lovers ....
In the competitve, cut throat world of successful publishing, owners of iconic titles watch their back, while thinking vertical. Profits in B2B media are looking healthy,and special interest publishers now grow print versions from longstanding websites. Playboy may be old enough to collect a legacy brand pension, but the numbers add up and its new born website is enjoying 3 million unique visitors a month. When a consumer health publishing house drives its readers to the doctor, you can be assured that the emotional storytelling content is doing its job.

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Forget zettabyte think eyesight!
Consider the contradiction that in today's multi image media world, we are surrounded by an avalanche of indifferent images that we barely recall for more than a moment. Ads with photographs that don't arrest our attention for long enough to be interested in the product. Photographer Peter Gallina claims that 20% of all photographs ever taken have been uploaded in the last two years: while that would be hard to verify, it gives yet another nudge to the growing truth that millions of boring, same style, creativity-free pictures swamp us in every medium. It may be a buyers' market, but it's a certainity that now is a time for the extraordinary visual experience, in the art form of a picture to once again dominate, because talent, like cream, will rise to the top.
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Research has proved that photography is best left to the professionals.
When a group of 52 ordinary people under lab conditions are having their visual response to pictures, professional and amateur, monitored by eyetracking, plus answering survey questions, you're likely to be desperate to know what images they value and pick as professional rather than user-generated by Joe Public. Of the 25 photographs rated highest from the whole collection of 200, all 25 were the work of professional photographers. Overall, the volunteers picked out the professional images correctly 90 per cent of the time. With almost 20,000 eye movements annotated, it was found that on average more time was spent on looking at the professionals' pictures. Added information told that, apparently, we humans like to study other humans, and to have the picture tell a story.

Create, think, dream on your own island....
Fredik Haren is an exceptional and generous man. He's a creative business author who believes in allowing creatives from every discipline, and from various corners of the globe, to borrow for free, one of his three paradise islands, two on the Swedish coast, and one in the Philippines ( which is still recovering from storm damage). You will have one of the islands to yourself, but you can visit with friends or alone, and stay in a modern, stylish home with all comforts. You have to email and convince Fredik and his team that your creative idea/s you want to work on while you're in his free paradise is something he thinks makes you deserving.

"If only I could just be somewhere peaceful, in the kind of visual surroundings I long for, far away from all I know just to have a space to think and create." Most creative thinkers have said it, then complained about something mundane like lack of money, no time .... and then they've heard of three paradise islands owned by Fredik Haren....

Jonathan Klein of Getty Images Talks to NY Times - Read On . . .
Jonathan Klein, CEO of Getty Images gives a frank interview to James Estrin of the New York Times, about the rise of Getty, its philosophy and the decision to give away thousands of images for free embeds to websites. Klein says, “We always see technology as an opportunity; we’ve never been frightened by it.” He says the free images are on 60,000 sites, including some large football fan-sites. Klein also says that Getty is the largest vendor of video, and that they are approaching $100 million turnover from this division.

Don’t live your life - Just remember it through photographs - Read on . . .
Psychologists argued there is a ‘photo-taking impairment effect’. According to an article in the Guardian it means if we take a photo of something we're less likely to remember it than if we'd looked at it with our eyes. "When people rely on technology to remember for them," argued psychologist Linda Henkel of Fairfield University in Connecticut, "counting on the camera to record the event and thus not needing to attend to it fully themselves – it can have a negative impact on how well they remember their experiences." We're used to the complaint that we're taking pictures rather than living in the moment, and that makes us experientially poorer. But Henkel's study seems to go further, suggesting we don't even remember the stuff we take pictures of, making the snap-happy nature of modern photography doubly mindless. "People taking photographs of their food in a restaurant instead of eating it," says Olmos. "People taking photographs of the Mona Lisa instead of looking at it. I think the iPhone is taking people away from their experiences."

Mobile Photography Awards 2013 announced. And the winner is....
The Mobile Photography Awards 2013 Winners and Honorable mentions have now been announced, showing a wealth of talent across many categories. The largest category, Digital Fine Art (manipulated and altered images) was won by Cedric Blanchon for ‘Unitlateral Selection’, shown here. The quality of photography is astonishing – whether in the landscape, portrait, self-portrait, olliclip, nature, people or even performing arts category. The MPA website shows images of both winners and second place in all 16 categories.

Time Inc’s photo editors have made a fabulous selection of the very best of 2013..
If you have a moment, do take a look the selection by photo editors of Time Inc of what they consider the best photos of 2013. There is a wonderful selection from world news and events, portraits, most surprising photos, photo books and even space images. They have even offered a selection of their favourite instagrams and selfies (who can forget that Obama/Cameron/Thorning Schmidt selfie at Mandela’s memorial service last December). However, the best bit of the photo is Michelle’s ‘we are not amused’ expression.

Forgotten American Airplanes Are Coming Back to Life.
There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of military and civil abandoned airplanes in Arizona desserts. They were literally dying there, falling apart and gathering dust until one creative art dealer from Tucson decided to resurrect them with fresh paint and amazing visual ideas!. More than 30 talented artists agreed to join Eric Firestone’s project. Read more details here:

You Watched Them, You Remember Them and You Love Them Because They Are The Best!
The best car commercials for the last 25 years were carefully chosen by The One Club at North American International Auto Show 2013. Top 10 commercials display the advertising category that represented the product in the best way. The oldest one goes back to 1994 and the latest one was released just last year. Interested to watch? Go for it!

The 2013 Sony Photo Awards
The list of winners at Sony World Photography Awards was finally announced after the annual contest was completed in February. 2013 competition attracted the participants from 170 countries who represented more than 122,000 amazing images. Some thematic photographs reflect important cases and fact that are widely discussed by society. Among them you can find portraits of children who survived in Norwegian island of Utoeya, maternity moments, global warming effect, etc

Hard Copy Newspapers and Magazines Will Still Survive But Only the Strongest Ones Will Make It! Davi
The founders of #1 wedding magazine worldwide -, David Liu and Carley Roney joined the debates about the future of newspapers and magazines and the results of battle between traditional media and new age social resources and moving pictures. The ones who want to survive in publishing business have to know five basic truths.

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